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Horoscopes & Flowers
ARIES 21/3~20/4
Day of the week  Tuesday
Birthstones Diamond, Ruby, Red Jasper Amethyst
Colours Red, Orange
Flowers Carnation, Poppy, Tulip, Broom
Essences Sandal, Lavender

Fire sign ruled by Mars and Pluto. Arians possess great force and energy, and they are always ready to take the initiative. They are instinctive and dynamic, sometimes they make big mistakes because of their impulsiveness. It is the first sign of the Zodiac, symbol of springtime, of impulse, energy independence and courage. Often Arians are accused of being self-centred, but it is not so. They can be romantic, they need love and reassurances. They tend to be leaders both in private life and in their working life. Among their possible careers there are: designer, agent, writer, lawyer, politician, actor and all those jobs which give the possibility to lead or live in an off-beat way. This is the most vital sign of the Zodiac and Arians often give vent to their energy in sports. Sometimes they express themselves in a rude and violent way, they live love passionately, but they are not a good example of faithfulness. Arians love speed and shivery actions. The concept of 'order' is not familiar to them. Their fascination is due to their being unforeseeable: this characteristic sometimes leads to a behaviour which is aggressive and weak at the same time. This makes them charming.       

SEDUCING ARIAN MEN: The most important thing to consider is that you never have to take the first step: let him win your love!!! If you are clever, different and exciting, you're the right woman!! Important: be sincere and lovely and he will never part from you. TIP: at your first dinner together, eat meat dishes.

SEDUCING ARIAN WOMEN: If you are sporty, strong and your ideas are firm, you're the right man! Arian women are strong and determined, but they love being protected and fondled. Give her lots of presents and she will be faithful.
TIP: at your first dinner let her choose the restaurant. 

Taurus 21/4~20/5
Day of the week Friday
Birthstones Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise
Colours Pink, Emerald Green
Flowers Lily, Hyacinth, Rose, Peach Flower
Essences Rose, Sylvan Pine

Earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus represents art, beauty in all its forms, and strength (not only physical). Taureans are realistic, security loving (both on the material and psychological level) and they like routines, also in their love relationship. In order to obtain this kind of security, they use all their qualities: resistance, quietness, patience and practical intelligence. They seldom lose control, but when they get angry they can be violent. This is the reason why it is necessary for him to find the right partner. Taureans live love in a complete manner, they are constant and never vain. Among their most suitable careers: interior decorator, teacher, cook and any job concerning earth and nature. This is the sign of the Zodiac which most of all likes relaxing, but only after having reached a prefixed goal, of course.

SEDUCING TAUREAN MEN: With Taurean men you mustn't be in a hurry or over-hasty. In fact, Taureans need a long time to understand if they have finally found the right woman. The secret to win their love is being first a good friend. If you invite him for dinner, remember that he likes eating and prepare abundant helpings.
TIP: at your first date use romantic music and lights.

SEDUCING TAUREAN WOMEN: If you are determined and patient you're the right man. Taurean women are jealous, extraordinary and fascinating, they love being flattered and courted. They like perfumes, so give her the best you can find and don't forget to use one when you're with her, because she will smell your skin.
TIP: at your first date don't ask her to play tennis or to go for a walk: she's rather lazy!!!

Gemini 21/5~21/6
Day of the week Wednesday
Birthstones Magnetite, Opal, Agate
Colours Azure, Grey
Flowers Daisy, Forget-me-not
Essences Juniper, Lavender, Tangerine

Air sign ruled by Mercury. The main characters of this sign are its dualism and its contradictory nature. They are quiet, fascinating, clever and active, but sometimes they are pessimistic and "amorphous". Sometimes their extreme versatility can be somehow negative. For example, they find difficult to bind for a long time to other persons, things or activities. They can be brilliant and fanciful lovers, but their freedom and independence are always in the foreground. Gemini are extremely impatient, they often change their interests and activities and they are eager to know everything in a short time. Their capacity to adapt themselves to any situation makes them really fascinating. They like enigmatography, traveling, society life and staying in the open air. Suited jobs are: politician, manager, trader and lawyer.

SEDUCING GEMINI MEN: Gemini men are free and restless. Their ideal woman should understand them, share their many interests and, at the same time, never make him feel bridled. They are brilliant and never monotonous lovers. At your first dinner together you should eat unusual dishes, unusual like his nature!
TIP: If you want to strike him, wear a girdle!!!

SEDUCING GEMINI WOMEN: Gemini women are brilliant, sporty, well-informed, dynamic and pleasant. If you are able to propose to her always something new, you are her ideal man. Since she is free and independent, usually marriage is not the main aim of her life.
TIP: Propose an excursion with your motorbike.

Cancer 22/6~22/7
Day of the week Monday
Birthstones Pearl, Emerald, Opal
Colours Gray, Silver, White
Flowers Lily, Jasmine, Gardenia
Essences Mint, Lilac

Water sign ruled by the Moon. It is the Moon which determines Cancerian's "lunatic" behaviour: a continuous alternation of melancholy and joy. Cancerians are sweet, conservative, capricious, enigmatic and fanciful. They love living in luxury, traveling, and taking care of their house (decorating it with old and curious objects) they love past and tradition. They fear the uncertainty of what's new and of future things, and hate violence in all its forms. They are extremely shy, possessive and romantic, and tend to bind themselves to the persons they love. Cancerians' most suited jobs are: interior designer, antiquary, lawyer, cook and butler .

SEDUCING CANCERIAN MEN: Cancerian men are sensible, romantic and protective, but they are misery and capricious as well. To win his love you should assume a sweet and childish behaviour. He loves concerts and tête-à-tête dinners. TIP: Never contradict him, he's very touchy!!!

SEDUCING CANCERIAN WOMEN: Cancerian women are among the most refined, sensual and dreaming. They prefer being engaged in social care rather than in society life. They hate vulgarities and love children. They are extremely fickle and difficult to seduce. They adore being covered with presents, flower and attention. TIP: Fondle her and she will purr!!!

Leo 23/7~22/8
Day of the week Sunday
Birthstones Ruby, Diamond
Colours Red, Yellow, Orange
Flowers Sunflower, Mimosa
Essences Incense, Bergamot, Orange

Fire sign ruled by the Sun, symbol of strength and pride. Leonians are independent, free, authoritative, active, passionate and very generous. Sometimes they trust too much in themselves, they need a little bit of humility and caution! They are optimist and one of their forceful traits is their being able to react to defeats. Because of their determination, usually they are good workers and they are able to range easily between different kinds of jobs: the only important thing is to excel! Suited jobs are: actor, diplomat, free-lance, entrepreneur. They love living in luxury, riches, the pleasures of life and hate mediocrity. They are passionate and they can do everything for the person they love.

SEDUCING LEONIAN MEN: Leonian men are ambitious and self-centred, but not egoist. In fact, they like to share their riches with their partners. To seduce a Leonian, let him understand that you know his value and his qualities. His ideal partner should be smart and love riches just like he does. Leonians are demanding and passionate lovers.
TIP: Talk about him!!!

SEDUCING LEONIAN WOMEN: Leonian women are fascinating, aristocratic, generous and very demanding. They prefer ambitious and resolute men. They are strong, faithful and, when they fall in love, they do everything to help their partners. They like compliments and beautiful presents and need to be the centre of everybody's attention.
TIP: bring her to the most "in" restaurant in town!

Virgo 23/8~22/9
Day of the week Wednesday
Birthstones Sapphire, Emerald, Topaz
Colours White, Yellow, Sage Green, Violet
Flowers Vervain, Hyacinth
Essences Lavender, Tobacco

Earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgoans are precise, meticulous, efficient, severe and rational. Usually the think money is very important and, even though they like living without suffering privations, they hate wastes. They love their house and furnish it in a sober way with their good taste and their 'order mania'. Being basically insecure, they often need compliments, but they are also esteemed in their working life because of their brilliant intelligence. Suited jobs are: technical designer, teacher, editor, chemist, analyst. Virgoans need to be loved and believe in friendship, even though - due to their introversion and shy nature - it is hard for them living longlasting love relationships.

SEDUCING VIRGOAN MEN: Virgoan men are serious, severe and like quiet, simple and clever women. You must win their love with sweetness, cunning and patience. Make him feel that you need him.
TIP: when you are with him, wear fashionable dark dresses.

SEDUCING VIRGOAN WOMEN: Virgoan women are smart, beautiful, rational and serious. To win her love you need time and constant, but it will be worth while! She likes clever conversations, true and faithful love.
TIP: at your first date bring her to a classical concert.

Libra 23/9~22/10
Day of the week Friday
Birthstones Coral, Diamond, Sapphire, Jade
Colours Pink, Light-Blue, Brown
Flowers Narcissus, Rose, Lily, Gardenia
Essences Musk, Tobacco, Sandal


Air sign ruled by Venus. Librans love beauty and elegance and they hate arguments. They express rational and impartial judgments on any subject. They are nice, gentle, balanced, orderly and they can adapt themselves to circumstances. They fall into a state of depression when they are violently attacked and suffer in case of defeat. They like jobs related to wide spaces, such as: designer, antiquarian, free lance worker. Friendship and true love are absolutely necessary. To give vent to their love, they could face very long journeys. Librans are possessive and faithful and also in love they hate vain arguments and vulgarity.

SEDUCING LIBRAN MEN: Libran men are delicate, elegant and fascinating. Because of their self-esteem, they love being admired and fondled. With them it is possible to take the first step and break the ice. For Libran men is important to find a clever woman who can relieve them from daily worries.
TIP: mind your eye make-up.

SEDUCING LIBRAN WOMEN: Libran women are elegant, refined, vital and sweet. To win her love, give her lots of expensive and refined presents. If you don't want to lose her, you need to cover her with sweetness and attentions.
TIP: When you give her flowers, add a nice love card!

Scorpio 23/10~21/11
Day of the week Tuesday
Birthstones Coral, Ruby, Topaz
Colours Black, Ochre, Violet
Flowers Orchid, Gardenia, Dahlia
Essences Cinnamon, Patchouli

Water sign ruled by Mars. Scorpios' personality is extremely complex and contradictory. They are serious, authoritative, jealous, possessive and they like going into deep. Thanks to their intuitive sense, they are able to find out other people's weaknesses. Sometimes Scorpios can be cold, introverted, polemic and lunatic, but beyond that surface there are many good qualities, strength and they are always ready to help other people. They are seldom afraid of something and are determined to reach their goals. Among their most suitable careers thee are: chemist, psychologist, businessman, researcher. They are very passionate people, but in a love relationship they are rather contradictory and complicated. When they fall in love they give themselves body and soul, even though their natural restlessness never abandons them.

SEDUCING SCORPIO MEN: Scorpio men are violent, moody, but passionate and exciting as well. Their ideal woman is determined and hard to seduce. Generally, Scorpios prefer hiding their own emotions and hate mawkishness.
TIP: be precious with him!!!

SEDUCING SCORPIO WOMEN: Scorpio women are proud, clever, intuitive, polemic and passionate. Their ideal man should know how to give her passion and strong emotions. Staying with her is quite difficult, but if you let her lead the game and you court her with flowers and presents she will reward you with her energy and her ardour.
TIP: Don't give her reason to be jealous!

Sagittarius 22/11~21/12
Day of the week Thursday
Birthstones Brilliant, Lapis-lazuli, Turquoise, Sapphire
Colours Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green
Flowers Carnation, Daisy, Iris
Essences Musk, Violet

Fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarians are trustful, cheerful, sincere, faithful, exuberant. They believe in a positive future and in changes, they love traveling, taking walks in the open air and animals. They are seldom dejected by difficulties, they are deeply religious and extremely curious persons. Sagittarians prefer sincere, faithful friends and lovers, who leave them the freedom they need so much. They can be also very good friends. Sagittarian women love taking care of their house, their garden and their family. Suited jobs are: judge, scientist, astronaut, tourist guide, travel agent.

SEDUCING SAGITTARIAN MEN: Sagittarian men are committed, sporty and loyal. They are to be won with brilliant and cheerful conversations. They love eating well, staying in good company and smart (but not too sober) wear.
TIP: invite him to a riding excursion!

SEDUCING SAGITTARIAN WOMEN: Sagittarian women are cheerful, optimistic, active, and whimsy. They have a peculiar ability in organizing and they are not easily affected by other people judgement, they love freedom. They like men who make them laugh and feel happy, but who don't annoy them with manly attitudes.
TIP: don't make jealousy scenes!

Capricorn 22/12~19/1
Day of the week Saturday
Birthstones Amber, Onyx, Sapphire, Quartz
Colours Yellow, Brown, Blue, Black
Flowers Gardenia, Daisy, Violet, Narcissus
Essences Lilac, Vetiver, Narcissus

Earth sign ruled by Saturn. Capricornians are ambitious, resolute, cold minded, melancholic. Fatigue never makes them afraid, they work hard and are ready to sacrifice themselves, if necessary. They plan patiently and carefully all their objectives and the way to reach them. To achieve their results they are ready to do anything, without asking any help. They are reserved and introverted, but sometimes they live sudden moments of impulsiveness. Their main characteristics are shyness and insecurity which disappear when they realize of being loved and appreciated. Suited jobs are: politician, entrepreneur, insurer, estate agent, banking employee. In love, Capricornians are serious, constant and faithful, but not too effusive.

SEDUCING CAPRICORNIAN MEN: Capricornians are ambitious, refined and prudent. Seducing them it's not so easy, but once you have broken their amour, they will be reliable partners for all your life.
TIP: Call him often at his mobile phone.

SEDUCING CAPRICORNIAN WOMEN: Capricornian women are wise, strong, reliable, shy, prudent and little effusive. Conquering their trust and making them fall in love is not an easy job. They are demanding, cultured and love those who can make them smile. To discotheques they prefer something unforeseeable and new.
TIP: Give her a ticket to see a match of her favourite team.

Aquarius 20/1~19/2
Day of the week Saturday
Birthstones Amber, Onyx, Zircon
Colours Green, Black, Azure
Flowers Azalea, Hydrangea, Poppy
Essences Lily of the valley, Carnation

Air sign ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarians are sincere, altruistic, free and active. Usually, they are quiet, but sometimes they can be extremely nervous or strained. They ask a lot from other people, and when they are disappointed, they suffer and bear grudge against them. Aquarians are vain, they love compliments and never leave anything to chance. They are intuitive, fanciful and critical. They can be good and pleasing friends as well as passionate lovers. They have lots of interests and creative ideas. Suited jobs: poet, astronomer, actor, pilot and smith.

SEDUCING AQUARIAN MEN: Aquarian men are brilliant, free and active. They are easy to seduce, but it is difficult to maintain their love for a long time. You don't have to part him from his friends and it is important to leave him free. He loves living in luxury, he likes what's new and he can make his partner's life brighter.
TIP: When you are with him, wear fashionable dresses!

SEDUCING AQUARIAN WOMEN: Aquarian women are nice, plain, curious and modern. They love culture and traveling. They are always ready to help other people and to keep up with novelties. Their ideal man is brilliant, tolerant and educated. Aquarian women are wonderful, but you shouldn't restrain them within the house's four walls. They are essentially free women.
TIP: Give her flowers… she loves it!

Pisces 20/2~20/3
Day of the week Tuesday
Birthstones Pink Coral, Turquoise, Aquamarine
Colours Purple, Grey, Blue
Flowers Iris, Camellia, Jasmine, Lily
Essences Incense, Wistaria

Water sign ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Pisceans are subtle, patient, sweet and tolerant. However, they can be also touchy and treacherous. Their typical features are a complex character, a great fantasy and an extraordinary learning ability. They are irresolute and they are not keen in organizing, so that they prefer to be led by other people, both in private and in working life. Typical jobs are: football player, nurse, medium, mechanic and photographer. They have a strong religious feeling and artistic sensibility. Being so reserved, it is not easy to know and understand them thoroughly. Friendship and true and long lasting love are for Pisceans extremely important.

SEDUCING PISCEAN MEN: Piscean men are idealist, complex, romantic and unforeseeable, but also touchy and sensitive. They need to be covered with love and attention. Their ideal woman should be able to take the initiative. Make him understand that you love order, precision and art. TIP: Never touch his things... he is very possessive!!!

SEDUCING PISCEAN WOMEN: Piscean women are romantic, sweet and fragile. They have the gift to make a man feel he's the most important thing in the world. They like to be praised, fondled and they want you to listen to them, or else they suffer and become sad. The ideal man must be strong and "solid". TIP: Talk a lot with her!

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